CED 800

Counter Electric Dispenser

The latest technology for energy savings and sustainability with the flexibility to offer
carbonated and non-carbonated beverages.


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The Lancer Worldwide Difference

From our award-winning fountain dispensing equipment to our new customizable draft systems, Lancer Worldwide delivers innovative beverage dispensing solutions for the foodservice industry.

With our legacy of quality and service, along with Lancer Worldwide IoT (Lancer Link™), we provide custom made, adaptable beverage dispensing solutions delivering optimal customer experiences.

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dispenser types


Countless options for high tech displays, flavor shots, and customized ice dispensing.


No-drip pouring, robust paddle systems, and limitless beverage possibilities.


Cold beer from an ambient keg with no power, from a compact, appealing dispenser.


Highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology for consistent drink quality.

Dedication in Action

We are innovated leaders committed to delivering beverage dispensing experiences exceeding customer expectations. Through quality and a passion for excellence, we create products that generate profit for operators giving them a distinct advantage in the marketplace.

No matter the scale of your foodservice operation, let the professionals at Lancer Worldwide provide you with reliable beverage dispensing solutions.


Lancer Worldwide will consistently seek newer, better solutions to deliver superior quality products that comply with all applicable environmental regulations. With innovation and exceptional customer service, Lancer Worldwide will simplify the way we do business to transform customers into long-lasting partners and maintain careful stewardship of our natural resources through a process of pollution reduction.

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