Lancer Worldwide, the new brand of Lancer Corporation, was founded more than fifty years ago with a promise never to compromise on quality. Based in San Antonio, Texas, Lancer began as a parts manufacturer for beverage dispensing machines. In 1971, Lancer began manufacturing our own equipment, including our very first mechanically-cooled beverage dispenser, and we’ve been leading the industry in innovation ever since.

We lead in innovation and are committed to delivering a beverage dispensing experience that exceeds customer expectations. It’s our commitment to creating new and improved beverage dispensing equipment that sets us apart. We know technology in our industry changes quickly, so we put research and development at the core of our business from the very beginning. In the last five decades, we’ve taken dozens of original, patented products from concept to full production, including beverage and ice dispensers, valves, carbonators, syrup pumps, draft systems, and more. In addition to developing new designs, we also remain committed to improving the quality and manufacturing efficiency of our existing products. We invest millions of dollars into this work each year because we know it makes a difference for our customers.

Through quality and a passion for innovation, Lancer Worldwide creates products that generate profit for our customers worldwide and give them a distinct advantage in the marketplace. We maintain sales and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Belgium, China, and the United Kingdom.