With cutting-edge engineering and materials of the highest quality, we manufacture dispensing systems that maintain the premium taste and temperature that customers crave around the world. Our dispensing platform has redundancy built in – if the digital display goes out – the rest of the system continues to operate.


Choose from an array of high-tech displays, flavor shots, and customized ice dispensing – all made with stainless steel construction and easy access to serviceable parts, with more brands on each system than ever before.

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Superior materials and proven technology provides our customers with consistent and quality ice dispensing.

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Our highly reliable and patented technology delivers the lowest "life cost" operation, with consistent flow rates of up to 4.5 oz/second.

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kōld-Draw™ Draft Systems

Serve cold beer or other fermented beverages from an ambient keg with no power, from a compact, appealing dispenser.

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For ultimate performance and consistent drink quality, Lancer Worldwide accessories are designed using the highest quality materials and proven technology.

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