Look who just walked into the bar.

We’ve set the new bar in draft systems.

There’s finally a better choice for your bar or restaurant with Lancer Worldwide kōld-Draw™ Draft Systems. We’re shaking up the Draft world so you can have optimal temperature control management for whatever you’re pouring – all from one system.

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You’ll not only pour more variety, but you’ll spend less to do it.

Outdated, inefficient designs in tower cooling waste energy and cost you profits. Our precise temperature management provides 360° cooling utilizing embedded glycol channels, making it more efficient than competitor systems. On average, bars & restaurants waste up to 20% of beer profits to foamy beers. Our cutting edge kold-Draw™ technology reduces inefficient draws.

So now that we’re here, you’ll have trouble looking away.

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Our systems come fully loaded with all the equipment you need to pour any drink, at the right temperature, every time. Our patent-pending kold-Draw™ technology provides keg-to-tap cooling, so you’ll rest easy knowing that each pour provides a seamless beverage experience, no matter the drink. From beer and wine, to cocktails, kombuchas, cold brew coffee, and more, you’ll stay well ahead of your customers’ changing tastes.

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