The New IBD Bold 30i™ Ushers In The Next Generation Of Beverage Dispensing

Thursday, April 01, 2021

The latest in touchscreen dispensers propels customer experience into the future by combining efficiency with sleek design.

With a sleek design, digital touchscreen merchandiser and Lancer Link™ IoT connectivity, the breakthrough dispensing solution enhances your beverage dispensing experience with unprecedented versatility, aesthetics, and built-in hygienic protection. Offering 24 brands and dispensing all common ice types, IBD Bold 30i™ delivers superior beverage quality in just 30" of counter space.

Customers everywhere continue to demand more options, variety, and convenience. Simultaneously, health and hygiene has taken a front seat as customers are more concerned than ever with safety measures put in place by businesses to protect them. As a result, Lancer Worldwide has developed the IBD Bold 30i™ - a cutting-edge touchscreen beverage dispenser for the modern age. With its fresh, eye-catching design, the IBD Bold series will elevate customers’ beverage dispensing experience to new heights. The “Be BOLD" mantra looks to encourage customers to step outside of their comfort zone and provide a new, hassle-free, and innovative experience.

“The launch of the IBD Bold 30i signifies Lancer Worldwide’s commitment to our customers’ demand for beverage dispensing innovation,” said Executive Vice President Scott Adams, “We believe the IBD Bold 30i will provide operators the flexibility, hygienic protection and IoT connectivity their customers want in their beverage dispensing experience.”

From the company that continues to develop groundbreaking innovations, the unprecedented versatility of the IBD Bold 30i™ provides customers more of what they’re looking for in less space. With the flexibility to serve up to 24 different brands (16 chilled and 8 ambient), as well as serve both cubed and chewable ice types, the solution is also quick - providing up to a 4oz flow rate. Additionally, you will find Lancer mixing technology that ensures no flavor, color, or sweet carryover - resulting in unmatched beverage quality in every cup.

The unit also features a 32” digital merchandiser that can display promotions front and center on its high-resolution and crystal-clear display. Businesses can connect with customers via programmable content, designed to drive engagement and action. Integration with Lancer Link™ IoT allows for the collection and management of real-time beverage dispensing data.

Learn more about the IBD Bold 30i™ here.