Be Bold

From the company that has brought you groundbreaking innovations for decades comes IBD Bold 30i™. With a sleek design, digital touchscreen merchandiser and Lancer Link™ IoT connectivity, our breakthrough IBD Bold 30i™ will propel your customers’ beverage dispensing experience into the future – in just 30″ of counter space.

Spec Sheet and Brochure

The Next Generation of Beverage Dispensing

The IBD Bold 30i™ is the culmination of decades of innovation and new technologies to bring you the highest quality and most versatility in the market.

– Reliably compatible with all ice types
– Large digital merchandiser for LTO promos, brand enhancements, and programmable content management
– Unequaled beverage quality – no product carry over, cast-in cold carbonation, and Lancer Flow controls (LFCV)
– Industrial design with a fresh, modern look

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