Be Bold.

With the IBD Bold 30i™

The IBD Bold 30i™ is the culmination of decades of innovation and new technologies to bring you the highest quality and most versatility in the market.

– Reliably compatible with all ice types
– Large digital merchandiser for LTO promos, brand enhancements, and programmable content management
– Unequaled beverage quality – no product carry over, cast-in cold carbonation, and Lancer Flow controls (LFCV)
– Industrial design with a fresh, modern look

Learn more about our IBD Bold 30i here, or download our spec sheet or brochure below. Or if you’re ready to connect with one of our experts, reach out and we’ll get back with you within 24 hours.

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Refrigerated Beverage Dispensers (RBD)

No drip. No hassle. All profit.

Our RBDs are designed for fresh, premium, handcrafted and better-for-you beverages. With a sleek modern design and a variety of visual display options, they are a perfect way to influence consumer choices.

Industry leading tap and lever technology makes dispensing fresh beverages clean and easy. Quality craftsmanship, along with our best-in-class warranty options, Lancer Worldwide guarantees a hassle-free, highly profitable ownership experience.

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Award-winning, superior performance.

The two-time International award-winning TwinPour demonstrates Lancer Worldwide’s legacy of quality, with up to 266 flavor combinations including carbonated and non-carbonated.

Dual touch screens, along with two versatile ice dispensers, for all ice types, doubles your pouring capacity in less space than traditional beverage dispensers.

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kōld-Draw™ Draft Systems

We’ve set the new bar in draft systems.

There’s finally a better choice for your bar or restaurant with Lancer Worldwide kōld-Draw™ Draft Systems. We’re shaking up the Draft world so you can have optimal temperature control management for whatever you’re pouring – all from one system.

Learn more about our Draft Systems here, or download our catalog, spec sheets or additional collateral below. And if you’re ready to find a solution to fit your unique needs, reach out to our experts today.

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