BreezeR Draft Dispenser

Introducing our BreezeR Draft Dispenser – perfect for portable bars, special events, caterers, golf clubs, micro-breweries, convenience stores, home use and more.

  • Serves cold beer in a flash
  • Lets you serve cold beer from an ambient keg with a compact, appealing dispenser
  • Features a separate beer pour spout and foam spout, so that creamy, long lasting foam can form on top of the beer
  • Operates in a small footprint to allow flexibility for placement

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    If the BreezeR isn’t the draft system you’re looking for to fit your needs, we have many other reliable, versatile, high-quality dispensing solutions to offer. Our towers with kōld-Draw™ technology are modular and brushed stainless steel tower designs provide flexibility to dispense beer, cocktails, wine, coffee and other non-alcoholic beverages.

    Our draft systems are available in remote and direct draw customizable for any application. With the smallest but strongest glycol chillers in the industry, the system requires less energy and yields longer beer runs while ensuring product quality and the bottom line.