Tuesday, October 27, 2020

October 27, 2020… San Antonio, TX… Lancer Worldwide announced the hire of Barney Hinkle to lead their new Kōld-Draw™ Draft Systems product line.

Lancer Worldwide Hires Veteran Anheuser-Busch Executive to Spearhead New Kōld-Draw™ Draft Systems Technology

Lancer Worldwide, the next generation beverage dispensing experience, today announced the hire of 20+ year industry veteran, Barney Hinkle, as Product Line Director – Draft Systems. Hinkle will oversee Lancer Worldwide’s new, one-of-a-kind kōld-Draw™ Draft Systems. The addition of Barney to their powerhouse team, along with their continuous use of innovative technologies is emblematic of Lancer Worldwide’s trailblazing journey in the global beverage-dispensing space.

Hinkle, a previous marketing executive, is best known for his work in Sports and Entertainment Marketing at Anheuser-Busch where he directed and managed the negotiation and activation of tours and major event and venue sponsorships for the leading global brewer. His experience in developing and managing team dynamics will allow Lancer Worldwide to continue bringing tech-forward ideas in the beverage-dispensing field.

“kōld-Draw™ is a step change in draft system technology,” says E J Morrow, Global President, Lancer Worldwide, “The addition of Anheuser-Busch veteran Barney Hinkle to the team solidifies our commitment to drive new technology in the draft system industry.”

The average draft system is limited to pouring beer only, but customers continue to demand variety beyond traditional choices. The kōld-Draw™ Draft Systems has the flexibility to dispense beer, cocktails, wine, coffee, kombucha and tea all in one system - while maintaining the optimal temperature control for each beverage. Outdated, inefficient designs in tower cooling wastes energy and reduces profits whereas Lancer Worldwide's patent-pending technology provides keg-to-tap cooling. The precise temperature management provides 360° cooling utilizing embedded glycol channels, making it significantly more efficient than competitor systems. Made from 6061 aluminum alloy, Lancer Worldwide’s kōld-Draw™ technology reduces the amount of energy needed to keep draft beer cold.

“I want to take these amazing people, all this incredible talent that’s already here at Lancer Worldwide and build up a creative and innovative team in the draft dispense world. We’re going to make a huge impact in our industry. I’m really excited.” says Hinkle.

“Lancer Worldwide has been amassing industry talent of late and Barney Hinkle is someone that aims to come in and coalesce that talent - ultimately bringing it together to propel Lancer Worldwide forward in the global draft dispense space,” says E J Morrow.

On average, bars & restaurants waste up to 20% of beer profits to foamy beers. Lancer's cutting edge kōld-Draw™ technology reduces inefficient draws to avoid this waste. The hire of Barney Hinkle, a long-term veteran of Anheuser-Busch, looks to help carry Lancer Worldwide forward into global markets with this new pioneering equipment.

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